Wiltshire couple and Gogglebox regulars Giles and Mary have hit the headlines after issuing a “concerning marriage update.”

The pair, who live in their Pewsey home lovingly dubbed “The Grottage”, have been popular in households around the country since first appearing on the Channel 4 show nine years ago.

National media outlets have recently been circulating comments made by Giles in an interview with Idler earlier this year, in which he joked he and Mary were “incompatible.”

During the chat, Giles spoke about the difficulties of a quiet countryside life during the lockdown period.

He said: "You see, I've had six months of not talking to anyone.

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Giles and Mary in their Wiltshire homeGiles and Mary in their Wiltshire home

“That's the thing about living in the country, who do you talk to?

"The pub's shut. I don't go to church. Who am I supposed to talk to?”

When it was suggested he could talk to Mary, Giles quipped the couple were “incompatible” and that their interactions were limited to deciding what to watch on TV.

He added: "Mary hardly talks to me, we're incompatible.

“We're distracting our lives away."

In March, Mary made a similar joke about the “troughs” of living with Giles in an interview with BBC Wiltshire.

She said: “The thing about Giles is he’s 48 per cent bad but 52 per cent good.”