A 20mph residential street in Swindon where a pedestrian was killed yesterday is still being used as "a racetrack" by speeding drivers.

That is the claim of one neighbour who lives 100 yards from the scene of Monday's fatal crash on Upham Road.

A man in his 50s died at the scene after being hit by a vehicle shortly before 5.40pm.

The driver, a man in his 30s, was arrested and taken into custody for questioning.

Resident Patrick Lynch said the tragedy was "a matter of time".

He added: "I've been complaining for quite a long time. It is awful what it is like around here.”

Patrick, who did not witness the crash, says Upham Road and nearby Burford Avenue are very straight, which encourages speeding.

Patrick said: “With Upham Road, you can see probably a good 1,500, maybe 2,000 yards straight.

“It could be treated like a racetrack and a lot of young lads are tempted to just floor it.

“So many times people come out from between cars and I'm surprised no one's been seriously hurt on Burford Avenue.”

Burford Avenue is another residential 20mph road, but with cars only parked on one side of the road he said this provides a clear run for drivers.

He continued: “I see people speeding all the time. I don’t think 80 per cent of the traffic speeding is far off.

“Even this morning, people are driving up and down the road in excess of 20mph - back to normal.”

“Hands up myself. It's very, very difficult to drive at 20mph and I've caught myself. But I do try and keep within the limit.”

Furthermore, he believes that the majority of speeders are local to the estate.

He said: “There are boy racers here, but they actually live here.”

Although speeders are common in his area, the resident thinks it is a wider issue.

Patrick said: “You can't blame the police. You can't expect the police to sit on every road junction watching for people. At the end of the day, it's people's habits that's got to change.”

Upham Road has now reopened having been closed overnight and the bereaved family are being supported by trained officers.