An Asda worker has been praised after displaying a 'thoughtful and caring act' towards a customer. 

Kelly, who works at the Orbital Shopping Park store, was the subject of a Facebook post on the Swindon Community Noticeboard for helping a disabled customer and his wife. 

The customer thanked Kelly for stepping in during their time of need, when they went to pay for their shopping and realised that they could not afford the items they had wanted to buy. 

Without hesitation, Kelly paid for the rest of their shopping, turning what could have been an awkward and difficult moment into one of kindness. 

Their post on Swindon Community Noticeboard said: "Myself and my wife want to thank one till staff this evening at Asda for paying for the rest of our shopping. We were £16 short. Think her name was Kelly. I will pay it forward. One amazing lady."

The supermarket has publicly praised Kelly with its own post on social media. 

The store's community champion Jane said: "The couple could see that their bill was going to be more than they had in their bank account. Kelly overheard them discussing that they would have to put items back.

"Being our beautiful kind Kelly she said she would put the balance to whatever their shortfall was. The customers were very grateful."

The store's customer trading manager Amardeep Jheeta said: "Kelly is a real diamond who always has a smile on her face and a kind word for her fellow customers and colleagues.

"This is such a thoughtful caring act of kindness especially with times being financially tough for everyone – and done without hesitation. Well done, Kelly."

Kelly's kind act has garnered a strong reaction on social media with members of the Swindon public also seeking to praise her. 

One person said: "What a lovely lady and a thoughtful gesture well done Kelly."

Another added: "Well done Kelly and thank you for being so kind, thoughtful and generous."

And a third person said; "Very nice act of kindness Kelly, only a beautiful soul can do this."