A film showing the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation is set to be shown in Swindon.

Swindon Palestine Solidarity has organised a screening of 'Where Olive Trees Weep' on June 27 at 7pm at the Swindon Bangladesh Centre.

The film features Palestinian journalist and therapist Ashira Darshwin, activist Ahed Tamimi and Israeli journalist Amira Hass.

Viewers will see Canadian physician, Dr Gabor Mate, offering trauma-healing services to women who have experienced torture in Israeli prisons.

The film explores themes of loss, trauma, and the quest for justice.

Following the screening, there will be a discussion about occupation and colonisation, alongside a talk by guest speaker Lujane Hamzeh.

The film is suitable for viewers aged 12 and above, and the ticket price of £6 includes two slices of pizza and popcorn.

Tickets can be reserved by emailing Swindon Palestine Solidarity or by visiting their Facebook page.

Swindon Palestine Solidarity urged people to join them for the screening.

It said the film gives background to the current crisis in Israel and Palestine, and "brings to light the lives of people interviewed in 2022" and their "universally human stories of intergenerational pain, trauma and resilience".