A coffee shop in Swindon’s town centre has closed, with a bailiffs notice plastered on the door.

Triple Two Coffee on Havelock Street was given a forfeiture of lease notice on June 21 by bailiffs who have changed the locks.

The second Triple Two in the Brunel Shopping Centre also remains closed after the franchise’s parent company was placed in administration.

A forfeiture notice means the lease has been terminated by the landlord who has regained access to the property.

The notice, displayed on the shop’s front door, says Parkinson Bailiff Services “acting on behalf of the Landlord have this day re-entered these premises and the lease is hereby terminated.”

Attempts to re-enter the premises will result in legal proceedings, it says.

The shop’s assets are still inside but must be collected by prior arrangement with the bailiffs within 14 days.

Triple Two Coffee is part of Cooks Coffee Company, which was placed in administration in October 2023 and a liquidator appointed.

The branches are franchises, so individual stores could negotiate with the liquidator to remain open.

The Triple Two at The Crossing in the Brunel Shopping Centre remains “temporarily” closed.

Cafes in Cirencester, Brighton and Luton also appear to have closed or changed names, while Newport and two London coffee shops remain open.