A pub that has had queues out the door for its “fan zone” is preparing for another busy evening.

Staff at The Steam Railway on Newport Street say up to 500 people have come for previous England matches in the 2024 Euros.

The pub recently redid its beer garden adding, among the seven screens, its own light-up Wembley arch.

England are back in action tonight when they take on Slovenia looking for a win that would guarantee top spot in Group C.

Elly Griffiths, assistant manager of the pub, said: “It's electric. Like everyone is just, everyone’s getting on with everyone, really feeling it. (Image: ghllphotos)

“You've got your oohs, your ahhs, your cheers - it doesn’t ever go flat.”

“We try to get everyone to sit down during the game - doesn't happen. Everyone’s stood on tables. They score, pints go flying.

“Everyone is just having such a good time.”

Elly explained they have DJs pre- and post-match to hype up the crowd who are not afraid to use a “secret weapon” CO2 machine to add extra atmosphere.

“We've wanted to make it a fan zone and that's why we built the arch”, Elly said, pointing to a Wembley arch on the roof.

(Image: ghllphotos)

The pub completed its renovation in May and management are adding an extra screen outside to bring the pub’s total to 23.

“Every game we have had queues. On Thursday there was about a queue of about 50 people outside. The game had already kicked off and they were still just queuing even after the game had finished.”

Her advice to punters: “You need to get in early. On Tuesday, with it being an eight o'clock game, as you get out of work you really need to be here.”

“We've built up the reputation and every single tournament, we get better and better.”

(Image: ghllphotos)

Elsewhere, The Brewers Arms in Wanborough has similarly tried to create a “carnival of football in a space that ticks all the boxes and has a good vibe”.

This involves a two 75-inch and one 85-inch TV and an immersive sound system.

The Ridge in Shaw Ridge Leisure Park has also made a fan zone with a pop-up bar with pyrotechnics.

The temperature for the game on Tuesday against Slovenia promises to be hot, with mostly sunny skies and temperatures of up to 25C, according to the Met Office.

It will be shown on ITV with an 8pm kick-off.