Police were seen carrying out speed checks on vehicles on a Swindon road.

An officer stood at the side of Marlborough Road at the junction with Sandringham Road.

They were measuring cars travelling towards Coate roundabout with a speed gun at around 9.30am on Tuesday morning, June 25.

The 30mph road was the site of a three-vehicle crash earlier this year.

(Image: Newsquest)

In February a Toyota Aygo, a Mercedes E220D and a Vauxhall Astra crashed on Marlborough Road at the Broome Manor roundabout just after 7.30am.

Last year, a motorbike rider in his 60s was killed after a crash with a black BMW. 

The road remained closed until the following day when the Swindon biker community paid their respects by visiting the site of the crash.

(Image: Newsquest)

In May, officers carried out speed checks on Thamesdown Drive resulting in dozens of drivers caught speeding “racing to get to work”.

The fastest driver spotted by police during these checks was recorded as travelling at 61mph on the 40mph route.

Police said around 80 per cent of the offenders snared will be offered the opportunity to carry out a speed awareness course.

The others will be handed a £100 fine and three points on their licence, or will appear in court.