A Swindon-based insurance company's domestic abuse policy has been recognised with a national business award.

Zurich won the title of Outstanding Initiative of Support at Cover Magazine’s Women in Protection and Health Awards for its policy which was developed in conjunction with Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service (SDASS).

Cover Magazine is the professional magazine for the insurance industry and its Women in Protection and Health Awards recognise the leading lights driving industry diversity and improving access to insurance for women and their families.

Zurich's award-winning policy was shaped with advice from SDASS to address the needs of employees experiencing domestic abuse, ensuring the company does everything possible to support victims.

The policy recognises that with an increase in remote work, signs of abuse can be harder to spot.

To address this, awareness sessions and customised training were delivered by SDASS to Zurich's employees, helping them to see the signs of abuse and giving them the tools to guide their colleagues towards help.

The policy also supports employees who may be the perpetrators of domestic abuse, as well as recognising the financial barriers to escaping abuse.

Kate RowlandKate Rowland (Image: SDASS)

Kate Rowland, training and business development manager at SDASS, said: "This is a great acknowledgement of the time and effort that Zurich has put into their policy to support their employees, as well as their commitment to making sure it covers all aspects of the issues and barriers that those experiencing domestic abuse may be facing.

"It’s wonderful to know that Zurich’s 4,500 employees across the UK have the right support in place to help them escape domestic abuse – and that’s the same whether they’re female or male, and if they’re in a mixed sex or same sex relationship.

"Those experiencing domestic abuse can find it bewildering to know where to turn to find the help and support they need to escape

"With one in five people experiencing domestic abuse in their lifetime, we hope to use our work with employers, both through training and policy advice, to reach as many people as possible so that they know what to do, where to find help and that there is a way to stop domestic abuse.”

SDASS provides bespoke training and policy advice to businesses of all sizes in Swindon and across the UK.

For more information on the service, visit the company's website.