A town centre supermarket has changed the way it monitors how long motorists are parking for.

It has been confirmed that Co-operative Food on Brewery Street, Highworth has moved from a patrolled service to a camera-based operation.

The car park is managed by Euro Car Parks (ECP). Signs specify a maximum stay of 90 minutes for Co-op customers with no return in two hours, enforced by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). 

Councillor Vijay Manro, who lives in the area, said he saw new signs being erected on June 5.

(Image: Vijay Manro)

He believed that the parking allowance had previously been two hours and worried a reduction would impact people who use the car park for other local conveniences.

He said the car park is also used for the library and ATM, saying: “This store is like a Highworth community store.” 

But it is understood that the car park has always been managed by ECP and there have been no changes in the time restrictions.

Failure to comply with the parking conditions “will result in the issue of a £100 Parking Charge Notice (£60 if paid within 14 days of issue)”.

Other Co-op stores, such as in Old Town, are also managed by ECP. Euro Car Parks were contacted for comment.