A woman's Bridgerton dreams came true thanks to a local Swindon man and his friend.

With the release of the second half of Bridgerton Series 3, task marketplace Airtasker saw a rise in people requesting unusual Bridgerton tasks on the platform.  

This is where Danait Selebra, 20, from North London comes in, who wanted to arrive at a friend's Bridgerton viewing party, by turning up with a royal entourage being carried by two 'dukes' in a Sedan chair. 

Danait offered £180 for two people to carry out the task and Swindon's Michael George, 34, and friend George Jonathan, 23, from Chesham, suited up in regency attire and took on the task of delivering Danait to her Netflix 'virtual ball' webinar event. 

George put an offer on the task saying, “This sounds awesome! I’d love to do this task for you, the Bridgerton style is very cool, I’m a part-time model and professional boxer and can bring a friend to assist. Available on the date and will make sure you make a great entrance!”

Photos taken on the day of the party show that the pair delivered on their task.