THIS ‘very rare’ 50p coin could be yours for a huge £7,500.

The eyewatering sum is being asked for by a Runcorn resident for the uncrowned King Charles III 50p coin.

It is on for a staggering 15,000 times its original value.

This is due to the coin being pre-coronation, with the now-King depicted without a crown.

The coin is up for sale with an additional £3.05 for standard delivery, or free collection in person from Runcorn.

The listing states: “This is a very rare, uncrowned King Charles III 50p coin, minted in the United Kingdom in 2022.

“The coin features a pre-coronation design and is made of 0.999 fineness.

“It is ungraded and uncertified, making it a unique addition to any coin collection.

“The coin's attributes include a denomination of 50p, era of pre-coronation king Charles, featuring the unique bird nestled within King Charles III’s ear.

“The country of origin being Great Britain, it is a great investment opportunity for any coin collector or enthusiast.”

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