A butcher with a urine stench and rat droppings under the meat counter is still shut months after it was forced to close by law.

The hygiene of Kenya Halal Butchers, in Swindon, was found by council officers to be so poor a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order was granted on March 8.

Nearly three months later the shop is still closed with no obvious signs of activity.

The business, owned by Kenya Butchers Swindon Limited, is still listed as active on Companies House.

The shop can only reopen when the council is satisfied that the safety of customers can be met.

(Image: Swindon Borough Council)

When council officers visited on February 28, they are said to have encountered “shocking” hygiene.

Walk-in chillers were described as filthy with rotting food debris on the floor - yet open raw meat was stored directly on the floor surface.

(Image: Swindon Borough Council)

The meat counter stank of rat urine while large quantities of droppings littered the floor. 

Rat nests had been built in the counter debris from around the shop, while gnawed nut shells in and amongst food packaging suggested rats had climbed across the shop food counters.

Magistrates awarded the council full costs of £3,493.70.

Kenya Butchers Swindon Limited could not be contacted for comment.