A man who shoved his grandma into a doorpost broke his bail conditions hours after they were set.

Levi Iles, 26, was originally heard for assault on his grandma during an argument on July 1.

At around 11am on July 2 he was given bail on two conditions at Swindon Crown Court: to comply with probation and to not go to his grandparent’s house on Norman Road.

Yet around 1.30pm he was found by police hiding behind a car in his grandparent’s garage after a neighbour alerted the authorities.

“He must have gone straight there”, said Mr Adam Cooper, prosecuting.

Appearing again at Swindon Magistrates Court on July 3, Iles admitted he breached his bail. He already pleaded guilty to assault, assault of an emergency worker and criminal damage.

Mr Mark Glendenning, defending, said: “This is a case of stupidity rather than criminality.”

He explained Iles had contacted his grandfather after being bailed to collect his dog and belongings from his grandparent’s house.

His grandparents had effectively brought Iles up since he was young and the grandfather told him to come over, leading to his arrest.

“Did he get what he came for?”, asked the judge.

“No, he was arrested”, responded Mr Glendenning.

Iles was originally arrested after he pushed his grandmother across a landing causing her to hit her head on a doorway.

The grandma had been trying to calm Iles down who was upset about not having enough money.

He later spat in the direction of an attending police officer and in the back of a police van.

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“Spitting is something he does quite a lot it seems”, explained Mr Cooper.

Mr Cooper said the crown had originally opposed bail due to the offences being of a domestic nature. 

The district judge had opposed a residence condition forcing him to stay at his mother’s in case it made undiagnosed underlying mental health issues worse and put his mother at risk.

Iles cried on his second visit to the dock as the judge said: “You must be very, very, very aware of the situation. 

“You can contact your grandparents but they must come to you and you cannot go to them under any circumstances.”

Iles said: “I understand everything you have said, don’t worry.”

He was re-released on bail under the same conditions.