A man who was bought a £15,000 car as a present by his mum had it crushed after being caught driving stoned three times in five days.

David Ilott, 30, of William Street, Swindon was caught driving around Sussex three times while under the influence of cannabis on September 25, 26 and 30, 2023.

He pleaded guilty at Swindon Magistrates Court on July 3, 2024, to three counts of drug driving.

Caroline Dunne, defending, said: “He got to age 30 with no problems and then it's all gone horribly wrong on several levels.

Iles thought he had been offered a new job, So he gave notice at his current job and his mum bought him a new car for £15,000. 

However, “the new job did not come to fruition”, meaning that he had no employment. 

“That caused problems with his relationship, which ended, and he ended up homeless, effectively living in his car.”

It was explained that he used cannabis daily to keep calm at this time, when he had a period of depression. He has since secured accommodation via charity Threshold and not used cannabis “for months”.

The third time Ilott was caught, his car was compounded and unable to pay to retrieve it, it is crushed.

Ms Dunne said: “This is some considerable punishment as he is now £15,000 in debt to his mother who he is obliged to pay back.”

The court heard Ilott surrendered to police after finding out a warrant was out for his arrest.

Mr Adam Cooper, prosecuting, said the first time he was caught at around 1.30am he sped off as officers approached, breaking the speed limit. 

He admitted to them he had smoked two hours before driving.

The next day he was stopped around 10pm on another road by another officer, who said he was speeding. Smelling drugs, they did a roadside test and take him into custody.

The third time it is 1.30am and he appears to be speeding over 70mph. After another roadside test he is taken into custody again.

The magistrate judged: “Clearly this is a serious matter. We are also aware of your good character so we have decided on a community order.”

Ilott was given a 12-month community order of 120 hours of unpaid work and a 28-month driving disqualification. He must pay £40 in costs and a £114 surcharge.