Virgin Media customers all over the UK have had access to TNT Sport removed from their TV packages.

In September 2023, Virgin Media removed TNT Sport from all of its TV bundles meaning new customers now have to add it to their package for an additional cost of £18 per month, according to Chord Busters.

Existing customers were initially exempt from these changes, but Virgin Media has begun tweaking some of its TV packages to bring them inline with last years change.

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Virgin Media customers have TNT Sport removed from TV package

Some Virgin Media customers who are subscribed to the 'Maxit' package have had their access to TNT Sport removed.

An email was sent out by the telecommunications company to customers - those the company could see don't watch TNT - recently asking them to take action by June 30 or risk having the service pulled from their plan.

The email, according to Chord Busters, said: "We wanted to let you know that we're making a change to the way we provide TNT Sports channels in order to continue to provide the best value entertainment packages for our customers.

"We've noticed that you haven't viewed these channels in the last six months, and therefore we're removing automatic access to them from 30 June 2024."

The TNT Sports channels included in the Virgin Media 'Maxit' package are: 

  • TNT Sports 1 HD
  • TNT Sports 2 HD
  • TNT Sports 3 HD
  • TNT Sports 4 HD
  • TNT Sports Ultimate

Virgin Media said the change was being made to help align all the TV packages with the update made at the back end of last year - TNT Sport becoming an additional extra.

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A Virgin Media spokesperson added: “As we continue to evolve our TV offering to give our customers more choice aligned to their viewing habits, we’re making some changes to how we offer TNT Sports, whereby it will exist as an optional offering.

"We know many of our customers enjoy watching TNT’s channels which they can continue doing with no changes to the price they pay.”

Since the switch off date on June 30, customers, as Virgin Media promised, have begun losing access to TNT Sport.

However it appears the cut has also affected customers who watch TNT Sports on a regular basis and didn't receive an email as well as some that completed the form on the email to keep the service.

Customers have taken to social media to share their confusion and question Virgin Media as to when access to TNT Sport will be restored.

One person on X (formerly Twitter) said: "I've lost access this morning despite filling in the form @virginmedia  - when will access be given again and how can I claim compensation for services not delivered as part of the agreed contract?"

While another person added: "What’s going on @virginmedia, I’ve always had BT/TNT sports in my package, in fact I watched it yesterday.

"Today I’m no longer subscribed apparently? Are you removing channels from my package without informing me?"


A third customer replying to a post on X commented: "Happened to me as well @virginmedia.

"Apparently some customers received emails to say this would be happening unless you clicked on a link to say you still wanted to receive it. We never had the email but have still lost access."

Virgin Media has been replying to customers on X over the past few days answering questions and assuring those who completed the form on the email that they will have TNT Sport reinstated "ASAP".

The company also confirmed any other customers who lost access to TNT Sport in the recent update could have it reinstated at no extra charge.