The event organiser of a ‘mum club’ in Swindon has spoken about her delight seeing the group grow and help women over the last year.

Helen Edwards moved to Swindon two years ago and was worried about raising her two young children without her friends and family around her.

so she got involved with ‘The Mum Club’ when it launched in 2023 to meet other mums and form their own support network.

She said: “Our club is all about building a community with a focus on mums. This wonderful idea was created by our founders, Jessica Lawes and Lauren Webber. They say it takes a village to raise a child. With my firstborn, I felt the support of friends and family, but it was very different with my daughter due to COVID and moving to a new area. As a qualified nursery nurse, organising these events for our local mums brings me immense joy.

“The need to connect with other new mums and the feeling of isolation when at home with a new baby was something I was very familiar with. The Mum Club Swindon offers mums a safe space to meet other women who also have children. There’s an instant trust when a mum meets another mum - a sense of belonging.

Helen Edwards the event organiserHelen Edwards the event organiser (Image: Helen Edwards)

“We typically have between 20 to 30 women and their babies, toddlers, or children join us for each event. We partner with different brands, so everyone gets a goody bag to take away. There is also a small play mat for the children to enjoy.

“I run a brunch club once a month and also host coffee clubs, picnics, walks, and evening drinks. It’s a lovely atmosphere where mums can chat about anything and everything, while enjoying some food, hot drinks, and occasionally prosecco at local venues. I love that, even though I won’t have any more children, I get to hold their babies so they can eat.

“The Mum Club brings women together to support each other through the journey of motherhood. No judgment, no cliques – just an incredible community to be part of.

“Running these events makes me feel like myself again, and I hope the women who attend feel the same. Whether mums come as a group or solo, including mums-to-be, everyone is welcome.”

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