A Swindon Aldi reopened today, July 4, after being closed for two weeks for a refurbishment.

The Drove Road store has had some new features added, others upgraded, and some parts completely replaced.

This includes new cosmetics and bakery sections, eco-friendly upgrades to the fridges and an entirely new floor.

Dale Goodman, store manager, said: “My favourite part is the new floor. I know it sounds boring but we had so many issues before, which were a distraction for the customers.

“It was all breaking up and coned away. But there’s nothing I don’t like about it [the refurbishment], it’s really good.”

The fridges now have doors which keep the cold air in and run off CO2, improving the eco credentials of the shop.

A new brightly lit cosmetics section has been added along with a dedicated bakery area.

“The kit before was quite old and dated, whereas now it is a lot fresher”, explained Dale.

Dale said the response from customers has been “really good”, and the store was as busy on it’s first day of reopening as it had always been.

One customer, Joan, said: “It is a lot cleaner and it is the best stocked I have ever seen the shop. 

“All the shelves are full, which is great.”