Dozens of drivers have been caught speeding around Swindon.

Police monitoring some of the town's busiest roads throughout June stopped nearly 100 motorists who were driving faster than the legal limit.

The Speed Enforcement Team concentrated on Thamesdown Drive, Ermin Street Blunsdon, the A361 through Highworth and Inglesham and Roundhills Mead, and the High Street in Wroughton.

They sent 82 drivers on speed awareness courses, 10 others received three penalty points on their driving licences along with fines of £100 each, and one speeder will soon appear in court to be sentenced for travelling at 67mph along the 40mph zone of Thamesdown Drive.

Anticipating the Swindon Adver's coverage of this good work, the Swindon, North, East and Rural community policing team offered this handy clarification on how the Speed Enforcement Team operates.

A spokesperson said: "Note to any reporters - our officers were not ‘lying in wait’, ‘targeting motorists’ or ‘hiding to catch drivers’.

"They’re parked in plain sight with a whopping great van or a marked patrol car, wearing high-vis yellow so they’re hard to miss.

"The day we post a picture of us dressed in black in a prone sniper position under a bush with a speed gun please feel free to use such headlines – thank you."