Emergency services were called to a car crash in Swindon yesterday evening, where two vehicles appeared to be badly damaged. 

Police, ambulance and fire services were seen by eyewitnesses at the bottom of Thamesdown drive on the way to Peatmoor around 7pm on Thursday, July 4 and photos from the incident show a blue van and red car were involved.

Crash on Thamesdown DriveCrash on Thamesdown Drive (Image: Tomasz Lewandowski)

One eyewitness said on Facebook: "I was out and about yesterday, took me over an hour to get to Peatmore, not because of this accident. The traffic was mental. I drove past this and couldn't see anyone in their cars, they were all out so thankfully no one is hurt. However, drivers need to be more careful."

A spokesperson from Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We were called to Thamesdown Drive, Swindon at 6.34pm last night (4 July) following a two vehicle road traffic collision. One crew from Westlea attended and carried out scene safety and some casualty care. Our stop was at 7.44pm."

This is not the first accident on Thamesdown Drive - most recently emergency services were called when a car crashed into a pole and last year one person was hospitalised following a motorbike crash.