A boy from Swindon has achieved the rare feat of collecting all of his cub badges by pushing himself out of his comfort zone to complete activities and community volunteering projects.

Logan, 10, has just completed his Chief Scout's Silver Award, but his time with the group will come to an end on Friday, July 12. 

Mum Ximena Loveridge said: “Very few cubs get to do over 103 badges in total and there’s a lot of activities and things to overcome personally and as a group with cub mates.

“Covid lockdown happened a few months into beavers, but it made him learn other skills, focus at home independently and develop life skills and Logan completed all 22 activity badges at his time as a beaver.

"A lot of kids have suffered by not getting that self-esteem and confidence during the lockdowns, but cubs offers them really important skills and keeps children off the streets causing bother.”

She says unfortunately Logan's scouts group, the 2nd Stratton Beaver and Cub packs, are short on volunteers and need more parents to get involved. 

“There’s a waiting list at Stratton and all the local clubs in Swindon are struggling with volunteers. The opportunity for children to get involved with cubs could be lost completely", she explained.

“This is a huge shame as the 2nd Stratton Beaver pack really boosted my son’s confidence. Cubs has also expanded his horizons, in making new friends in the local area, becoming more adventurous and trying more activities he would normally never have the opportunity to do.

"The leaders work incredibly hard and give much of their own free time in planning interesting events and meetings to engage the pack.

“He’s done skiing, which he wouldn’t have done without the cubs, kayaking, DIY, horse-riding and community impact volunteering like litter-picking, to help others in the community.

"He’s really enjoyed all of the things he’s done and it shows the diversity of what they offer. The parents pay £9 a month, which is not a lot of money compared to other activity clubs like football, and the children get so much out of it.

Ximena added: “I’m hoping to raise some recognition for the leaders and volunteers to encourage people to come forward to take time to help after work. The camaraderie of volunteers is great and I couldn’t recommend it more."