A 12-year-old Swindon boy who said his fledgling business was inspired by Andrew Tate has received £10,000 after an endorsement from the controversial figure.

A GoFundMe page was launched by a family friend to raise money for better materials for Harvey’s car cleaning business, H’s Valeting.

After the Advertiser published a story revealing Tate had - in part - inspired Harvey to start the business, an anonymous donation of £10,000 appeared on the GoFundMe page - which previously had just over £200 in donations.

It was made after Tate shared the story with his 9.5 million X followers, writing: “Great work young man. Check your GoFundMe. Top G”.Andrew Tate's post referencing the donation to the boy's businessAndrew Tate's post referencing the donation to the boy's business (Image: Web)

Tate, a divisive figure, was this week accused of serial tax evasion, the latest in a series of accusations.

He is awaiting trial in Bulgaria for rape, human trafficking offences and accused of forming an organised crime group to sexually exploit women. He denies all these allegations.

A self-professed “misogynist”, he maintains a popular social media following on X, formerly Twitter, particularly among young men.

Harvey’s mum told the Adver Tate was an inspiration to her son, saying: “I don't know too much about the Tate but Harvey’s always said that Tate’s started from nothing and he’s managed to make his own money from this and that.”

Harvey since said in a statement posted on Facebook: “I used to watch Tate a lot and I wanted to start a little car business and one day I hope I'm successful like Andrew Tate.

“I don't look up to him for his bad reputation it's just for the success as he built from nothing. 

“Andrew Tate has become very successful so I admired that.”

The £10,000 contribution increased Harvey'sfund by 4291.85 per cent.

The fund had a target of £2,000, which has now been reached over five-fold. The fund has also received anonymous donations since Tate’s post on X.

Tate and his brother Tristan have been accused of failing to pay any tax on £21m of revenue from businesses on websites including OnlyFans.

Devon and Cornwall police brought the civil claim against the two and a third person known only as J, accusing them of paying no tax in any country from 2014 to 2022.

Previously, Tate was banned from social media platforms and the former kickboxer are wanted in the Uk over alleged sexual offences, which they deny.