An interim headteacher has been in charge of a special school in Swindon after its previous head left within months of taking the job. 

Rob Sherwood was hired by the Brimble Hill school earlier this year after the departure of its longstanding and popular head Alison Paul, who had been a teacher for 36 years. 

But just a few months into his stewardship of the Tadpole Lane education establishment, Mr Sherwood departed and was replaced by an interim headteacher, Sarah Sumner, who was in charge at Westlea Primary School.

The details behind Mr Sherwood's exit are unknown and there is no trace of him having ever worked at Brimble Hill on its website. He has also not been listed as a former headteacher on the governance page for the school. 

Mr Sherwood was previously at St Giles School in Derby, after being appointed as principal in 2021 and leaving in December 2023, before moving to Swindon for the job at Brimble Hill in January.

Penguin PRPenguin PR (Image: Penguin PR) Brunel Academies Trust, which runs the special school, was asked what happened with Mr Sherwood's employment. 

A spokesperson for the Academy said: "Mr Sherwood resigned from his employment at Brimble Hill Special School on April 16, 2024.  We are not able to discuss confidential matters relating to his employment or his decision to resign.

"The Trust carries out stringent background checks in accordance with our legal obligations, statutory guidance and best HR practice before the recruitment of any member of staff."

After Ms Paul departed from Brimble Hill Special School in July 2022, Lucy Golder took charge as interim headteacher in September and remained in charge until August 2023. 

Her time at the school is recorded on the 'historic' part of the Governance page on the Brimble Hill Special School page, with her being listed as 'Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal' and having left in the last 12 months. Mr Sherwood is not listed there at all. 

The Brimble Hill website also has no mention of Mr Sherwood, and the school staff page is no longer viewable, with a message saying "Sorry, this page is not available to view because it has not been enabled by the Administrator."

Immediately after Mr Sherwood's departure, Mrs Sumner was made interim head and has been running the school since. 

In a post on Facebook, she said she was honoured to take on the role.