A support network for families with children who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) has been launched in Swindon.

SEND Community Connected, a dedicated community organisation, has announced a new initiative aimed at providing activities, meet-ups, and support for SEND families within the area.

The goal is to create a welcoming environment where these families can connect, share experiences and find resources that cater to their unique needs, as well as take part in activities which could otherwise be difficult.

SEND Community ConnectedSEND Community Connected (Image: SEND Community Connected)

SEND Community Connected director, Danielle Brown-Kelly, said: "At SEND Community Connected, we believe that every family deserves a strong support system and a community where they feel understood and accepted."

She added: "Our community is all about creating those connections and providing opportunities for SEND families to thrive together."

The initiative includes regular meet-ups, designed to offer fun and support and to allow families to share stories and form lasting relationships.

Inclusive activities range from playdates to art and sensory sessions, designed to be accessible and enjoyable for children with SEND.

SEND Community ConnectedSEND Community Connected (Image: SEND Community Connected)

Last summer there was a teddy bear and book hunt at Coate Water.

From meet-ups at accessible parks and venues to themed seasonal play sessions, these events are tailored to accommodate various needs and preferences.

There is also an emphasis on providing resources to help families navigate their circumstances, especially those who have encountered long waiting periods for support services.

Parents and caregivers will be able to network, find support, and advocate for their children in an understanding and safe environment.

Online support is also available, with opportunities to overcome challenges and celebrate achievements within the organisation's Facebook group.

SEND Community ConnectedSEND Community Connected (Image: SEND Community Connected)

Founder and director, Jenny Watts, said: "I’m so proud to be part of this amazing group and love seeing SEND families connecting and supporting one another.

"We believe that connection is the key and we are stronger together."

Praising the community, parent Gemma Sutton added: "Huge well done to you and the valuable support and lifeline this group has added to many families in Swindon."

SEND Community Connected invites all SEND families in Swindon to join the community.

Upcoming events and activities can be found via their Facebook group or by contacting them at sendcommunityconnected@gmail.com.

The organisation, which is run by SEND parents, relies on supporters who donate, attend and help out at events, and who provide knowledge and share their experiences on the SEND Community Connected Facebook page and in person at the events.