A Swindon-based digital marketing agency is celebrating its second birthday.

Rob Curtis, the owner and founder of The Pursuit Agency, spoke of his optimism for the future.

Me Curtis, who lives in Swindon, said: "I still can’t believe it’s been two years already.

"It is hard to start a business at any time, and we see over 30 per cent of new businesses fail in their first two years of operations.

"To have surpassed this is a huge milestone for us.

"We're incredibly thankful to our clients for allowing us to be a part of their journey."

The agency, which has seen steady expansion over the past two years, has grown from a one-man operation to a team of five.

Mr Curtis hired his first employee, Belle, in September 2023, and since then has added more members to his team.

He said: "We're always on the hunt for the right person to join the Pursuit team."

In addition to its growth, The Pursuit Agency has been recognised with multiple awards.

It was named the Start-up of the Year at the Great British Business and Community Awards in 2023 and won the Techies Driven by Data Award earlier this year.

He continued: "We're incredibly thrilled to have received recognition for our hard work and dedication.

"It’s wonderful to be recognised for what we’ve achieved and the difference we’ve been able to make to other businesses."

Mr Curtis is set to take part in the Bournemouth Marathon in October as part of his effort to give back to the community.

He will be raising money for Swindon-based charity Best Mates. The charity supports people who are going through tough times by matching them up with one of is volunteers, referred to as 'mates'.

Theses volunteers will make contact and spend time to meet up or talk over the phone to allow a non-judgemental conversation.

They have all experienced tough times themselves so will approach the situation with "understanding and information of what they did to pull themselves out of their situation".

Mr Curtis is optimistic about the company's third year, saying it "looks even better for us, so I can’t wait to see what happens".

The Pursuit Agency helps businesses to become visible using a range of digital marketing tactics including SEO, pay per click and content marketing.

To date, clients include Helen Browning’s Organic, Avrion, Filestream, WeAnswer, Milroys, Aegina and more.