I was listening to prime minister’s question time the other day, live from parliament and thought how sad it was that the leaders of this country sounded like, or worse, than children.

Mind you, from such childish nonsense, ideas come………………

Gordon is a lonely little boy. Nobody wants to play with him. Sometimes other boys ask if he wants to go out to play but he can’t speak properly, he can’t say yes or no so has to stay in his room.

When the other children ask if they can play with his marble, that he keeps in his head, he gets very angry he says he needs his marble to see his very own magic world. Gordon quite often gets angry because he can’t see his magic world.

Gordon used to get cross with his friend Tony. Tony used to be the leader of the gang but he liked to play at war too much so the big boys said he had to go away. Now Gordon is the leader of the gang but no one wants to play any more because Gordon steals everybody's pocket money and still wants to play war.

Sometimes in the playground Gordon has fights with the leader of the posh boys gang. All the boys and girls clap and cheer, even the softie gang with silly Nick leading them laugh when Gordon and posh David argue, but Gordon loses his temper and talks nonsense so the posh boys and girls laugh more. Even the rough boys laugh and say they might get another gang leader, or even ask Tony to come back. But Tony won’t come back because he likes the poor now. And god.

Sometimes Gordon likes to get his toys out but they don’t work very well any more.
All his trains are broken and falling to bits. He used to like to play with cars but now he won’t and won’t let anyone else play with cars because Gordon says they make a stinky poo whiff. You can play with cars if you give Gordon all your pocket money though. Gordon likes to play with soldiers too, but can’t because they have all gone far away.
There are not enough people around to play doctors and nurses either, and besides, they are all dirty.
Now Gordon cant even play with building blocks, because the builders who dont have jobs stole all his little bricks.
Once he liked to play at bankers but won’t now because people keep calling him a banker, or a word that sounds like it. It makes him sad. Poor Gordon.

So that’s why Gordon is a lonely boy. But never mind, soon he will get to go to play with Tony and his new friends.
Or live in a big bank all alone, being a proper banker.