Some subjects just need returning to. So I have, and no doubt will again because I and I'm sure anyone reading will witness this every day.

It comes down to this. If anything you do on the road causes another driver to brake.... you’re in the wrong.

I don’t know if I'm over cautious or one of the few people that actually know the Highway Code, but when I approach a roundabout I stop if some one is on it and has right of way. Fancy that and how strange, because I seem to be in a minority. Most drivers and all BMW drivers seem to think it’s perfectly ok to take roundabouts without even slowing down.

It would seem that the perpetrators of this stupidity think that every roundabout taken at speed, whilst other cars break to avoid collision, is a real hoot and the distances involved in the decision (if thought is involved) to carry on should be less at the next roundabout.

The other gripe I've got about roundabouts is the theory that 'if you wait, you'll see where I'm going, because there’s no way I'm using my indicators' being used. It’s infuriating, selfish, rude, and sometimes dangerous. We all can forget, I'm perfect and I do, but if I did make a mistake and forgot to signal, I would give an apologising wave to the offended party. But most people just don’t bother, they just carry on, intent on not noticing you are there, looking everywhere except your direction.

Unfortunately I now combat this whilst in a very large lorry by not giving the offender the opportunity. If no signal is given, I pull out. Sometimes it’s plain to see the non indicating numpty/BMW driver is going to have to stop and oh boy they don’t like it when 40ft of trailer moving at a snails pace bursts there 'this my road' bubble. Hopefully they might learn from it.

I just do not understand the thinking behind the foolishness I see on the roads these days. It’s not just the boy racers, it’s older men, women...anybody. Have people just lost all respect for rules/others/safety? Or worse, has being a grumpy totally taken over me?

As I said, no doubt we'll be back on this subject again.