OUR campaign to find out how you want your council to be run starts today.

The issue of whether Swindon should have an elected mayor has been a political hot potato for many years.

There is already an online petition on if a referendum should be held.

Now is the time for the public to have its say.

Do you think there should be a referendum on whether Swindon should have an elected mayor?

If there was a vote, in which box would you put your tick?

We will hold a week-long poll, from October 13 to October 17, asking what our readers think.

You will have the opportunity to vote online or cast a paper vote.

Adver editor Dave King said: “I am very excited about this campaign. I know sometimes people can think politics is something that doesn’t concern them, but it affects every part of our lives and it’s important that Swindon people have a say in how Swindon is run.

“Elected mayors have hit the headlines all around the country and you can see how the London mayoral election got people talking.

“Obviously the situation is very different in Swindon.

“But wouldn’t it be great to see more people taking an interest in local politics?

“Whatever the result of the poll, I hope as many as possible will add their voices to the debate.”

Over the coming weeks the Adver will look into the history of the debate, including a council meeting where some critics feel the issue was brushed under the carpet.

We will also look into how elected mayors have had an impact in towns across the country.

Of course the issue of personality is key to the great mayoral debate, so we will also be asking – who do you think would make a good mayor?

The candidates don’t have to be limited to politicians – mayors in other towns have included a former a police officer, a football mascot, and a magazine editor.