SWINDON MP Anne Snelgrove has won her fight to get public buildings built to new rigorous green standards.

The South Swindon MP started her crusade for a greener outlook on the construction of public buildings earlier this year.

But her own private bill, which she had talked about to Environment Secretary Hilary Benn, was scuppered during a debate in the House of Commons.

Last week Mrs Snelgrove brokered a deal with ministers to tag an amendment onto the Climate Change Bill to ensure that in future those considering the creation of public buildings, such as hospitals and schools, will have to think green.

Now she has written to all the swindon groups who backed her fight to say thank-you for their support.

“This has been an exhausting process and last week’s negotiations were a huge breakthrough,” said the MP.

“This week we have seen the amendment actually go into the Climate Change Bill.

“Swindon Climate Action Network and the churches in Swindon have been huge supporters of this initiative that will see public buildings become more energy efficient.

“Energy efficiency will help Labour reach its ambitious climate change targets and save the taxpayer money.”

Earlier in the year the MP brought Mr Benn to Swindon and while here she tried to convince him to support her bill.

Because more than 160 MPs pledged their support for Mrs Snelgrove’s bill she also wrote to them saying the elements of her bill were included in the Government’s climate change legislation, and urged the MPs to back the plan.