ICE which smashed a car’s windscreen in Melksham could have fallen to earth from a passing plane.

Sally Phillips, 51, who runs Nortree Motors in Beanacre Road, heard a bang while walking across the forecourt. When she turned round she saw that a shard of ice had fallen from the sky and smashed the windscreen of a new silver Ford Focus up for sale.

“It would have killed anybody instantly if it had hit them,” said Mrs Phillips.

“It made a noise like a missile and looks as though someone’s put a huge sledge hammer through the windscreen.”

The freak accident happened just as Mrs Phillips was walking across the forecourt – she was about 25ft away from the car when it happened.

“I was walking out to my car when I heard this almighty crash. My instant reaction was that it was someone lobbing a brick,” she said.

“But then I saw the ice. It’s toughened glass so there is no way someone could have done that much damage just by throwing something.”

The firm will try and claim on their insurance but they fear they will not be covered as it may be classed as an act of God.

The incident has been reported to the police and they think that the ice may have fallen from an aircraft, as Melksham is below a flight path.