"The irony is that Old Town's library usage has rocketed up and Friends of Old Town Library members felt secure," reports library activist, Shirley Burnham.  "Now,as is common with politicians, the goalposts have been changed.  It's volunteer to replace the library's professional staff, or lose it : quite a different slogan from the 'Use It or Lose It' slogan trumpeted by councillors in February."

Their volte face is blamed on the credit crunch and, councillors believe, a saving of £22,000 in staff salaries at Old Town library will help to save many jobs.  "Um, really?" asks Shirley doubtfully.  "Another explanation might be that we were meant to keep the library for only a year, anyway, but they forgot to mention it."

Undaunted, members have launched a vigorous winter Campaign to Save Old Town Library. A new petition awaits your signature in Earle's Newsagents and Victoria News and a poster campaign will follow.

"A lot has happened in the past two weeks.  We are not standing idly by!   No fewer than 13 libraries are threatened with closure up in the Wirral and the threat to Old Town's is just the thin end of the wedge," Shirley concludes.  "I hope others will join us to challenge the council's proposals for Old Town.  A small library like this one helps underpin a civilised society.  We urge Old Town councillors to heed us again."

Visit the campaign website by following the link on www.friendsofoldtownlibrary.co.uk