A MAN has been fined £500 for causing an accident in which a cyclist died.

Reginald Archer, 69, of the Street, Liddington, admitted driving carelessly.

Swindon Magistrates Court heard that Mr Archer was driving on Liddington Hill on January 7 when he failed to notice a 52-year-old woman on her bicycle.

He struck the woman with the wing mirror of his car. She veered into the road and was struck by a skip lorry.

As well as the fine, Mr Archer was given nine penalty points on his licence.

The driver of the skip lorry, Colin Stocking, is also accused of driving without due care and attention.

He denied the charge.

The court heard that Mr Stocking was accused of not leaving enough space between the DAF skip lorry he was driving and the back of Archer’s car.

Mr Stocking, 47, from Caversham, Reading, was ordered to return to the court on January 9.

Following the accident Sgt Colin Conway, of the Northern Roads Policing Unit, said that the cyclist had collided with both vehicles as they travelled south of Liddington over the motorway bridge towards Aldbourne.

“The cyclist was travelling up the hill and was struck by a car and a skip lorry,” Sgt Conway said.

“The car was travelling in front of the lorry and it would appear that both vehicles made contact