ROBBIE Williams was in town yesterday – and having a wheely good time.

But the star was not in the mood for entertaining us and instead donned a balaclava and dark sunglasses as he ducked out of Red Planet bike shop, in Old Town.

It was believed to be one of the star’s first appearances in public since arriving back in the UK from Los Angeles this week.

A dozen excited women assembled outside the shop in Old Town hoping for a word, or autograph, were left disappointed.

One of his aides popped his head out of the shop and asked the adoring crowd not to harass the star.

“Any chance you could not hassle him so he could have his first day back in peace?” he said.

The shop locked its door, as word of the star’s surprise presence spread and more people gathered.

Even a man carrying a bicycle wheel had to knock to gain access.

Twenty seven-year-old Fran Lane, who saw Robbie through the window, said: “He looks tall and gorgeous.”

Robbie eventually emerged at about 2.45pm but his face was completely covered.

He briefly said: “Hello everybody,” before being whisked away in a people carrier with tinted glass windows.

Antonino Coniglio, the owner of Mario’s restaurant, got an autograph for his wife Claire before the shop locked its doors.

He said: “I asked him to write an autograph to Claire as she is crazy about him.

“He asked ‘Are you Claire?’ as a joke. He was very friendly and down to earth.”

Red Planet manager Freddie Platt said she was not expecting a famous customer.

“He was a very nice man and a pleasant customer,” she said.

”I don’t think he particularly wanted too much attention. He just turned up out of the blue.

“I looked out the window and saw a horde of people.”

It is believed Robbie has bought a mansion in Compton Bassett, near Calne, which stands in 71 acres of grounds.