Library campaigner, Shirley Burnham, has announced this week that the petition to save the library and its professional staff had broken through the 1,000 name barrier and is still motoring along.

She says, "Just 17 people's council tax? that's astonishing," and asks "Is it unreasonable to think that tax resources should be shared equitably among those who provide them?  According to these calculations, we could keep the library open for some fifty years!"

Old Town Library is currently funded by council tax revenue and clearly residents expect the community in which they have chosen to live to be supported and maintained.  The question then arises : are the best interests of Old Town and Lawns residents best served by Central Library at the bottom of the hill?  For many mums with young children and push-chairs and the elderly, the 'hill' acts as both a physical and psychological boundary.  It is also accepted that people lead busy lives and walking into town (the greener option) or taking public transport can waste otherwise productive time.

"We will continue to urge the council to change its 'mindset' on this issue," adds Shirley,  "Some independent voices are needed to speak up for the people of Old Town which has had rather a raw deal under successive administrations.  Let's hope that changes now!"  For more information, please visit the campaign's website