SOME residents’ parking permits will triple in price under Swindon Council's budget proposals.

Visitor parking permits will rise to £15 from £5, while a six-month residents’ permit will go up from £12.50 to £25.

An annual permit will rise from £25 to £40. Second and third permits are also facing price hikes.

There will also be less money allocated for parking wardens, and town centre parking on a Sunday is set to increase.

Coun Mark Edwards, lead member for resources, said about parking permits: “This is an area where prices haven’t gone up for quite some time.

“We don’t believe the increases are unreasonable and we have to look at all possibilities to raise revenue in the current climate.

He continued: “We are not seeking to cut jobs in parking enforcement – what are doing is looking at making savings in that department.

“That means that if the department is running well with 80 per cent of the staff it is recommended to have, then perhaps we don’t need to fill that further 20 per cent.

“We are also bringing Sunday parking into line with weekdays in the town centre.

“Retailers have raised concerns over this but I think most people would now see Sunday as a shopping day like any other.”