USERS of a threatened park and ride site are asking Swindon Council to find a way of running a cheaper service instead of axing it.

About 800 people, who travel to Swindon on Groundwell Park and Ride, have signed a petition against the council’s proposal to close it.

Sara Spinks, organiser of the Save Park and Ride Kampaign (SPARK), said: “I understand things are difficult in the current economic climate. But the service is popular and well used. Let’s look at ways to make it cost effective.

“People are extremely disappointed that the council has failed to consult.”

Sara drives from St Andrews Ridge to the park and ride every day and said she does not feel safe returning to her vehicle in a Swindon car park late at night.

The closure of the park and ride is expected to save the council £331,000.

Andy Parsons, of the Swindon Climate Action Network (SCAN), believes the proposal contradicts the council’s aim to be the most sustainable place in the country.

He said: “We need much greater investment and alternatives to the car. Public transport is the best way to get people out driving.

“But the council’s current transport policies are going to lock us into carbon dependency. We need to encourage walking, cycling and public transport.”

SPARK handed over the petition to Swindon Mayor Steve Wakefield yesterday.

He said: “It is good to see that Sara has been able to raise so much interest in this issue. I would like to thank her for the petition.”