ACTOR, and soon to be household name, Lyndon Ogbourne says his latest role has made a string of audition disappointments worthwhile.

The 25-year-old, formerly of Kent Road, Swindon, is appearing every weekday on ITV 1’s Emmerdale.

Despite his starring role he was still star-struck when he came face to face with actress Anne Charleston, who formerly played Madge in Neighbours.

Lyndon plays Nathan Wylde, who first appeared in last night’s episode, arriving in a pink cadillac.

Lyndon’s acting dreams started with acting classes with Julia Dickinson at Swindon Young Actors for 10 years, then went on to train with London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Since then he has had small roles in Robin Hood, Spooks and Doctors, but says this is his big break.

“The fact is that between nine and 11 million people watch Emmerdale,” he said.

“It’s incomprehensible, but as far as the experience I’ll get this is definitely a big break for me and I’m really excited.”

Acting runs in Lyndon’s family. His grandfather is actor Michael Beint who, over the years, has appeared in Z-Cars, The Saint, Poirot and The Sweeney.

And his brother Tristan has appeared in Doctors, The Bill and Holby City.

Lyndon said he has still not forgotten the important role that Swindon also played in his career.

“It all started in Swindon,” he said.

“I found that Swindon is the most amazing set up for anybody in the arts.

“I was given a chance to do some nice work early on which really spurred me on,”

Under Julia’s guidance Lyndon had early experience in the business with roles like Julian in a stage version of The Famous Five when he was 13.

Since he started filming six weeks ago, Lyndon said he was most star-struck meeting Anne Charleston.

“I was sat down having lunch with her,” he said.

“I said ‘I’m sorry if I call you Madge you are completely stuck in my memory from Lethbridge and Commonweal, coming home from school and sitting in front of Neighbours.’ “But it’s one of the most welcoming environments I’ve worked in.

“It’s very enjoyable – it’s long, long hours, but it has been snowing up in Leeds and we’ve had great fun filming in the snow.”

Of his character Nathan, he said: “He’s quite a corrupt and nasty character.

“It’s going to be pretty full on, they come in and immediately start causing trouble.”

Despite the knocks he has in his career Lyndon would still recommend acting as a career.

“There’s heartache, but it makes the highs huge,” he said.

“If you are given the opportunity to feel upset and depressed the flipside is you are more excited about the prospect.”

l Emmerdale is broadcast on weekdays at 7pm on ITV 1