A STRING of not quite so close encounters has prompted Swindon people to ask if anyone was out there.

Strange ‘dancing lights’ in the skies over the town were spotted on Thursday night and reported to the Adver.

Many of those who saw them could not explain what they saw in the skies over Castle Eaton, Cricklade and South Cerney areas.

Mum-of-eight Lisa Embling, 36, from Cricklade, was with her family at the time of the sighting.

“There were four lights that were quite big in the sky,” she said.

“They looked almost like clouds.

“It really freaked us out. I was with my son and his friends in the front garden it was really amazing.

“I have never seen anything quite like it before.”

Red Lion landlady Melody Lyall, of Castle Eaton, said the objects were visible from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

“They looked like dancing lights over the clouds – it was quite strange,” she said.

“Sometimes there were two or three and at most four. They looked like bright stars.”

Eye witness Shaun Measday said: “I was walking my three dogs in Stratton Woods at about 8pm when I noticed three lights darting around the sky, looking as if they were chasing each other.

“At first I thought it was a high powered light beam, but then I realised that the lights were darting in and out of the clouds and no visible sign of a light beam.

“As we walked towards the lights, they moved more and more further away. Then as we headed back the lights followed us a little bit.

“I returned home and picked up my daughter to come back with me – just to check I wasn’t going mad.

“When we returned she saw the same thing and then within minutes they disappeared completely. There was definitely a strange feeling in the air.”

Richard Shovlar, of Old Town, said: “I saw the lights in the sky bouncing off the thin cloud cover.

“It was just a light display coming from somewhere in the town centre at a guess. You could just about see the beam of light coming from the ground and up into the sky.”

Chris Williams, from the Swindon UFO Research group, has been in touch with the Adver to say the lights seen on Thursday night were witnessed by many people across the town.

The group’s initial investigations show that it is most likely to be a laser or light show but wants to find out more.

It is thought Thursday’s sightings could have been caused by the lights of Cirencester College during an open day for prospective students. Lights attached to the building were shone round the night sky.

If you have more information about UFO sightings call Chris on 01793 484510 or email anomaly.research@btinternet.com Or call Ben Perrin at the Adver on 01793 501798 or email bperrin@newswilts.co.uk.