CAMERAS on traffic lights, designed to catch drivers jumping red lights, could be one element of Swindon Council’s new road safety policy.

As reported in Thursday’s Adver, Swindon Council will pull all fixed speed cameras from Swindon streets in the next few months.

The cameras will be replaced by flashing speed signs, but the possibility of investing in traffic light cameras has not been ruled out.

Coun Peter Greenhalgh, cabinet member for sustainability, transport and strategic planning, said: “Red light cameras are an important tool in the reduction of accidents and it is something we will be looking very closely at.

“Running a red light can be just as dangerous as speeding, and in some cases more so. Anyone who is caught jumping a red light deserves to have the book thrown at them.”

Jo Stagg, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: “We support what the council is saying about tackling all causes of accidents on the road, but speed is certainly an element of that which needs to be tackled.

“The red light cameras have been proved to be effective in reducing accidents in areas where there have been problems.

“Drivers running red lights is certainly an issue that needs to be combated but we don’t believe the two factors can be completely separated – it may be the case that people are running red lights because they are speeding.

“The important thing is that the council is putting these measures into place in areas where there have been problems with road accidents.”

Coun Derique Montaut said: “The idea of red light cameras is an interesting one and I’m sure it would have an effect but the problem is that they will not be situated in the areas which are accident blackspots, which is where we need to be focusing our attention.

“The fixed speed cameras were put in positions which were accident blackspots in order to make those areas safer. The only replacement that has been put forward for those key sites are the flashing signs, which I think will only be effective in the short term.

“When we take control of the council we will seek to put those fixed cameras back into those accident blackspots to keep the roads safe.”