STREET traders are still waiting to find out whether they will be banned from Swindon Town centre.

A discussion on banning street traders has been delayed until councillors find out more.

Swindon Council’s licensing committee met to consider banning traders from The Parade, Regent Street, Canal Walk, Edgeware Road, Regent Circus and parts of Bridge Street as part of a £3m regeneration planned for the town centre.

But councillor Bob Wright (Central, Lab) said the committee did not have enough information to consider the proposal properly.

He said: “We don’t know what the regeneration is going to look like – I think we should. We should clearly know where we are going with this.”

Coun Michael Dickinson (Con, West Swindon) wanted only a temporary ban until building work was finished.

He said: “I don’t think we should be putting such a draconian measure forward and clearing the town centre of street traders.”

Councillor Vera Tomlinson (Abbey Meads, Con) said: “We all know the development is coming but these traders are trying to make an honest living and it seems to me they have been messed around more than they should be.”

Licensing committee chair Eric Shaw decided the discussion should be put back until all the details are put forward.

He said: “I don’t know what the regeneration improvements are going to be but I feel we should as it has a bearing.”

Sam Bray, of Swindon’s No. 1 Street Cafe, Edgeware Road, said afterwards: “It has been like this from the start – Swindon Council should be doing everything it can to support businesses through the recession.

“The council is listening to us though, there seemed to be compassion.”

Deborah Selby, of the Flower Barrow, The Parade, said: “I have sold flowers for 17 year and no one else offers what we do. The regeneration is great. We want to be part of that.”