SWINDON paramedics are exceeding Government response time targets, according to Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust (GWAS) statistics.

Figures due to be discussed last night show that although GWAS is failing to meet targets in Wiltshire, paramedics in Swindon are exceeding national expectations.

Government targets state 75 per cent of all Category A emergency call outs — the most serious level — must see a medic on scene within eight minutes.

In April this year Swindon medics arrived at 86.35 per cent of life threatening calls within the national target time.

In May the figure rose to 91.92 per cent and in June 88.93 per cent of Category A calls saw a medic arrive within the target period.

Over the last 12 months, Swindon crews have attended an average of 89.2 per cent of call-outs within eight minutes.

The Swindon figures were due to be discussed at a Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting last night.

Coun Peter Mallinson, chairman of Swindon Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, said he was incredibly proud of the town’s medics.

“I am thrilled with the performance of Great Western Ambulance Service in Swindon,” he said.

On Wednesday, July 22, the Adver revealed GWAS as a whole failed to meet the Government’s target for Category A response times.

In April 67.51 per cent of Category A incidents in Wiltshire – excluding Swindon – saw medics arrive within eight minutes.

In May 66.21 per cent of Wiltshire calls were responded to within the target time. The figure fell to 65.54 per cent in June.

Coun Mallinson said: “Wiltshire is a sprawling rural area and its ambulance response times reflect that, but here in Swindon the service is second to none.”

He added he experienced first hand the professionalism of Swindon’s emergency services when he had to call an ambulance for an elderly woman.

The woman, who was in her 80s, was in Walcot Library and Community Shop in Sussex Square when she began to experience chest pains.

“I dialled 999 and the operator was asking me lots of questions to try and ascertain what was wrong with the lady. “Without a word of a lie, I was still on the phone when two paramedics walked in.

“We are very lucky to have such a professional service here in Swindon and I for one have absolute confidence should I ever need to call on them.”

The GWAS figures showed Swindon out-performed Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucestershire medics in responding to Category A calls.

Keith Scott, locality director for GWAS, said: “I’m delighted Councillor Mallinson has publicly recognised the efforts of our staff in Swindon – particularly as it is based on his personal experience of their dedication.”