IF Swindon does not vote Tory, David Cameron will never get into 10 Downing Street.

That is according to the Conservative party chairman Eric Pickles, who made a visit to the town yesterday to launch the local group’s manifesto and to rouse his troops.

Addressing the Swindon Conservative group he said: “You have got to win here – if you don’t then David Cameron does not win – so no pressure.

“We have seen what can be done as a council, and now it is time for our extremely good candidates to get into place and bring some honesty, decency and straightforwardness into government.

“Swindon is going to be the centre of the battle ground.

“It is the centre of the campaign and if Swindon does not turn blue then David Cameron does not get to walk into Number 10.”

As well as launching the Swindon group’s manifesto, Mr Pickles was on hand to kick start the campaigns of the party’s two general election candidates – Robert Buckland for the South Swindon seat and councillor Justin Tomlinson for the North Swindon seat.

The manifesto for Swindon outlines the group’s success in areas such as council tax, regeneration, housing and development, social care, schools and communities.

It also illustrates what work they would do in terms of housing, business, health and the environment.

Coun Tomlinson said: “This is an extremely positive manifesto.

“We have turned Swindon Council from being joint worst in the country to a three-star authority.

“There is still much to do and I will always do so with integrity and enthusiasm.”

Mr Buckland said: “Trust in politicians has nose-dived recently, but I can promise a fresh start.

“I will work hard for everybody in our community, putting residents first in everything I do.”