A 14-YEAR-OLD Wiltshire girl has become the latest victim of the drug mephedrone, also known as meow meow.

She was rushed to hospital after buying the plant food from a dealer, mixing it with alcohol and becoming violently sick. She has now made a full recovery.

The incident occurs as the Adver highlights the story of one Swindon man who became addicted to the drug and lost five stones in weight and still suffers from minor heart attacks as a result.

He tells of how mephedrone – which our investigations have revealed to be readily available in the town – almost ruined his life before he kicked the habit.

It also comes as the Government yesterday said it would ban the drug within weeks - following the latest medical advice.

The girl was found slipping in and out of consciousness in a car park at the rear of Tesco, Emery Gate, in Chippenham. She had taken a cocktail of alcohol and the drug.

The incident led to renewed warnings yesterday about the danger of the drug, which the Adver was able to buy a gram from a shop at the tented market for £15.

One Swindon man, who has asked not to be named, told the Adver the drug has all but ruined his life.

He said: “I have been taking mephedrone for several months now and I have slowly watched my life fall apart.

“It has caused countless problems in my home and eventually led to me being thrown out.

“I constantly have the shakes and have experienced minor heart attacks.

“My health has slowly depleted over the course of four months.

Before taking the legal high I weighed around 12 stone and after using the drug on a regular basis have dropped down to eight stone.

“I found myself severely depressed and experiencing panic attacks.

“I cannot stress enough how damaging this drug is and I believe it needs to be taking off our streets.

“I would like my story to be told so that the parents of Swindon can understand what kind of danger their children are in.”

About the 14-year-old girl a Swindon Police spokesman said: “We are urging all parents, and all young people to be aware of the dangers which this drug may easily cause, particularly if mixed with other drugs or alcohol, and we believe that the young female in Chippenham has been particularly fortunate not to have been more seriously injured.

“Mephedrone is dangerous and, whilst not illegal, should not be taken under any circumstances.”

Last night the tented market’s management company assured the Adver that it would request that the shop owner, James Whitaker, who sold the drug, be confronted.

Shadrach Mureithi, the market’s managing agent, said: “We will be speaking to the trader concerned and ask him to stop selling it because of safety concerns. If he refuses, we will seek advice from the market owner and go from there.”

Last week Mr Whitaker told the Adver he would not stop selling the drug until it was “officially linked” to someone’s death.