DANIEL Yeo will be taking his new Honda XRV African Twin bike out for a spin in March.

He'll set off for Portsmouth and then, after a ferry crossing, ride through Spain and the entire length of the continent of Africa.

And while he's there he'll be helping to dig up landmines in Angola, a cause popularised by the late Princess Diana.

Daniel, 33, from Wroughton, gave up his job as a toolmaker last year when his father John, fell ill with bowel and bladder cancer.

Before his father died at the age of 71 in September Daniel had already decided to take part in the marathon bike ride to raise money for the Prospect Hospice.

He said: "I saw the effect the hospice had on him.

"It was brilliant and I don't think many people in Swindon get to see that unless they have first-hand experience."

Daniel will ride with 12 former military personnel.

Anyone wanting to support Daniel on his epic journey can call him on 01793 813178.