POSTMAN Gary Woollard says more needs to be done to improve safety for pedestrians at a busy Swindon roundabout.

The 47-year-old, of Covingham, wants to see pelican crossings around the Greenbridge Retail Park roundabout, an area that he feels is a particular danger to walkers.

Swindon Council has put up pelican crossings at the roundabout junction of Dorcan Way and Drakes Way and also Dorcan Way and Oxford Road.

And, while Mr Woollard has praised the council for taking action, the Royal Mail employee says the measures do not go far enough.

He said: "What about the junctions of Slade Road and Dorcan Way coming into the roundabout and also Swindon Road and Slade Road coming into the roundabout?

"It's a very busy roundabout and in my opinion one of the busiest in Swindon. There are four major exits and one of those is to get into the retail park."

After moving to the town from Milton Keynes just over a year ago, Mr Woollard has grown increasingly concerned about the number of people attempting to cross the busy roads to get to the retail centre.

He said: "People crossing the roads literally have to take their chances.

"It's very dangerous and a lot of people have had trouble crossing. It's especially dangerous for children.

"Let's hope that anyone crossing the road at the points I have mentioned that are without lights carries extra life insurance."

Footpaths connect the residential areas to the shopping centre but Mr Woollard doesn't think this is enough.

He said: "People will always look to take short cuts and often just cross the grass verges to get to where they want to go.

"If they've put crossings up in one place, why not the whole way around?"

Original work on the roundabout, including the installation of the pelican crossing and cycle track, finished at the end of last year.

The aim was to improve traffic safety and flows, and provide a pedestrian and cycle route on part of the roundabout.

A Swindon Council spokesman said: "The new signal-controlled crossings at the Greenbridge roundabout have only been in for a few of weeks and are being monitored in case any fine tuning needs to be made to the lights.

"The crossings were installed at the roundabout because it was identified as the most suitable point pedestrians to be able to cross.

"And because it allowed us to link the crossings with the newly-installed cycle paths along Dorcan Way and Slade Drive.

"The siting of crossings always involves striking a balance between pedestrian safety and convenience, and the need to keep traffic flowing, but we will continue to monitor the situation in the area."

If you agree with Mr Woollard's concerns he would like to hear from you. You can email him on garylibran45@"