A POLITICAL row has blown up over a television documentary about hunting.

The programme, The Last Tally Ho?, showed members of the Vale of the White Horse Hunt campaigning on Conservative Justin Tomlinson's behalf at last year's General Election.

Coun Tomlinson has come under attack from Labour's campaign organiser, Jim Grant, who said he should come out and state his position on foxhunting, particularly after being chosen as the Tory candidate for North Swindon at the next General Election.

According to the documentary, pro hunt activists were flooding into North Swindon, from outside, to support Mr Tomlinson.

"He never talked about how he would bring hunting back if he were elected,'' said Mr Grant.

"He now owes it to the voters of North Swindon to state publicly his position on hunting."

But Coun Tomlinson said he has never hidden his opposition to the hunting ban pointing to a motion he submitted to Swindon Council before the election.

"The motion was against the ban for the reason of freedom and liberty," he said.

"Prior to the General Election, I thought the Labour Government had far more important issues to deal with, especially in rural areas, such as tackling the loss of local facilities like post offices and shops rather than trying to outlaw a really rural pursuit.

"While I don't go fox hunting, it is always a question of priorities."

Countryside Alliance protestors helped Conservative candidates across the country, including in the South Swindon constituency, which was won by Labour's Anne Snelgrove.