TEENAGE campaigner Laurie Pycroft is delighted that a new poll has shown public support for medical testing on animals is on the increase.

The survey by YouGov shows that the proportion of people who approve of animal testing is now at an all time high, with seven in 10 backing live medical experiments.

High profile campaigns, such as intimidating scientists and threatening shareholders in pharmaceutical companies have appeared to have backfired.

Sixteen-year-old Laurie, pictured, of Swindon, who is a founder member of the group Pro-Test, a student group in favour of animal-based scientific research, said: "Part of Pro-Test is to stand up against the animal rights terrorists.

"It is great to hear the public realises how important medical research is."

Pro-Test was launched to support the construction of a new animal research facility at Oxford University the building of which was delayed after animal rights extremists threatened violence against the contractors and other companies involved in its construction.

On Saturday they are holding another march in Oxford.

"There were around 1,000 people marching with us last time and we are hoping to beat that this time," he said.

For more details on this weekend's march, or about the campaign, log on to www.pro-test.org.uk