YOUNG performers presented shoppers with a Swindon history lesson through their own adaptation of Doctor Who.

A small cast of versatile youngsters took on several roles each as they acted out a journey through Swindon’s past, featuring the GWR Works and the Magic Roundabout, at Cavendish Square, Park South.

The street theatre project, run by Swindon charity Reach Inclusive Arts and the Shop, in Cavendish Square has seen a mixed group of children with and without disability write a script, design and make props and act out their own show, based on the hit BBC show Doctor Who.

A small crowd gathered just before the heavens opened to watch the performance, led by project manager Helen Whelehan.

She said: “They only started last Monday and they’ve put it all together.

“We are about working within the community to support creative ideas and be a presence. We take the work that they have done outside to show people their skills.

“We actively promote engaging people with disabilities to mix with others. And it’s important for the community and the regeneration of the area.”

Lydan Stevens, 12 who starred as Doctor Who, said: “I’ve loved it – trying to put it all together and making the Tardis.

“Anything to do with performing and I will do it. I do a lot of drama and dance at school.”

His mother Becky, 30, of Eldene, said: “I’m very proud, they have done extremely well. “They have worked so hard and it’s been fantastic for them – it’s given them something to do.”