VETS in Swindon warn that although the deadly canine parvovirus outbreak looks to be calming down, it is not yet over.

Cases of parvovirus appeared earlier this year and despite actions taken by Swindon’s pet owners following advice from vets, the numbers of cases increased.

In August this year, Harvey Lock, president of the British Veterinary Association said: “It is an epidemic in the context of the number of cases that you’re seeing in the Swindon area.”

Now, almost three months on, Eastcott Veterniary Clinic’s head veterinary nurse, Clare Sparling says that the situation looks as though it’s getting better.

Ms. Sparling said: “There was one case last week and the situation looks like it has calmed down.”

Despite the good news, Ms Sparling said: “Pet owners still need to take the right precautions as parvovirus can linger where people walk their dogs and on clothes and shoes.”

The advice that Eastcott Veterinary Clinic gives for dog owners is to make sure that their dog’s vaccination is kept topped up with booster jabs that they need every 12 months, this is especially important for younger dogs.

Further advice is for owners to be careful about where they are walking their dogs.

Thameswood vets said it looked like it was starting to die down, but they are still encouraging people to vaccinate their pets.