THE Daleks were among the sci-fi characters who invaded the Central Library as part of a celebration of the genre.

The creatures, who are Dr Who’s sworn enemies, managed to overcome their evil desire to exterminate when they met dozens of families and collected money for Children In Need on Saturday.

Other characters at the library, in Regent Circus, included K9, also from Doctor Who, a Tusken Raider from Star Wars and crew members from Star Trek.

Children’s librarian Anish Noble-Harrison, who co-ordinated the event, said it had gone fantastically well.

“It was really lovely seeing people of all ages coming into the library and enjoying the day’s events,” she said.

“People enjoy sci-fi as a genre and people were attracted into the library and saw everything we have here as well.

“Doctor Who is a favourite at the moment and since that has come out again people have just really started seeing sci-fi again.”

Tod Cowell, of Old Town, who was there with his son Tyrian, five, and daughter Sheridan, three, said: “My kids are absolutely huge Doctor Who fans, so they are absolutely loving it.

“I think the event is a good idea. It has brought in a lot of people who normally don’t come into the library so it is a good thing in that respect.”

The Daleks were supplied by Adrian Davies, of Corsham, of the Charity Daleks organisation, which uses science fiction to raise money for charities.