THE mother of a man who has been imprisoned without trial in the Philippines for almost two years has spoken of her heartbreak.

Marie Taylor’s comments come as members of the Cebu BritClub, an online group for Brits in the Philippines, launched an online campaign to try and help free 45-year-old Kevin Taylor.

Mrs Taylor, of Stratton, said the father-of-three had been forced to endure horrific conditions since he was thrown in the San Mateo Municipal Jail, in Rizal, in May 2009.

She added that his health was starting to deterioate including failing eyesight.

“Kevin has to sleep on the floor on a piece of cardboard because there is no bed. It is demoralising,” said the 67-year-old, who is married to Gerald, 70.

“If a Filipino was arrested here he would be treated humanely. Over there they do not treat prisoners like they do a dog.

“We phone him once a week and he says he stinks because he is not able to wash or change his clothes and he is very, very low. It is not a happy situation.”

Kevin and his partner Charlene Tambago were arrested for offences relating to illegal recruitment but since their arrest almost two years ago the pair still have not gone to trial with hearing being repeatedly deferred.

“There has been a hearing every month for the past two years,” said Mrs Taylor.

“There was one last week but it was deferred. Last time the complainants didn’t turn up, so it was postponed again. Another hearing is due on Thursday or Friday this week.”

And she fears if her son’s case goes to trial and he is sentenced, the time he has already spent in jail will not count and he will have to start his sentence from scratch enduring even more years of hardship.

“We have had no help from anyone. We have had one letter from our MP Justin Tomlinson when he first came into office saying he would do what he could but we have not heard a thing from him. I am disappointed,” she said.

However, she said that the group Prisoners Abroad has been fantastic and goes to see him as often as possible.

The latest offer of help has come in the shape of Harry Plant, of Durham, who is a member of the Cebu BritClub.

He became aware of Kevin’s plight earlier this month and has posted messages on the club’s online forum asking for more information and trying to rally up the troops to help - whether that is by helping with legal represention, food, money, clothes or medical supplies.

“It has snowballed over the last few days and I felt we should contact the local paper the Swindon Advertiser to see what you know,” said Harry.

“Let’s find out whether our proposed involvement would be welcome or advisable.”

The Free Kevin Taylor campaign is now online. To find out more log on to